european academy of tumor immunology

The principal objective of the European Academy of Tumor Immunology (EATI) is to promote tumor immunology at the scientific and clinical levels. EATI promotes all areas of tumor immunology, considered as a continuum between fundamental, translational and clinical research, as well as the practical implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in routine clinical practice. EATI strives for excellence, independence, leadership, diversity and flexibility. Throughout its work, EATI provides independent, authoritative and evidence-based advice to underpin policy for stimulating the implementation of concepts, methods and procedures inspired by tumor immunology. The foundation of EATI was possible thanks to a generous grant, the “LabEx” Immuno-Oncology, provided by the “Grand Emprunt” of the French Republic.

EATI serves as an instrument to crystallize and streamline all efforts in the European Research Area. The Founding Members of EATI have been selected among highly renowned scientists from all areas of tumor immunology. The Founding Group is responsible for defining the overall objectives of the Academy, addressing issues such as credibility of the institution, membership and governance. To steer the process, a ' Governing Body' consisting of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary-General and several fellows representing all disciplines of tumor immunology Europe-wide, has been established. To address issues as they arise, ad hoc taskforces are organized amongst members of the Academy, specific to their area of expertise. As a Member of EATI you can anticipate contributing to the preparation of position papers, interacting with EU and national institutions to facilitate proposals and the implementation of new policies that ensure that disease-oriented systems biology remain at the top of the European research agenda. EATI was officially launched at the opening of the Euroconference on "Death, Danger, Immunity and Inflammation" at the Pasteur Institute, in Paris, in May 2011, the first annual conference of eati.


At present, the provisional Governing Body of eati. is composed by